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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

US Coin Collecting | Introduction

As we all know, silver and gold coins for the most part are always a solid investment, and you may even know how to spot the difference between a regular quarter and a silver quarter in a handful of pocket change. But what some people may not realize is that coin collecting is a huge hobby, and many people in many different countries take it up as a hobby. Silver and gold coins clearly hold their value in their own weight, but there are quite a few coins out there that hold a higher-than-face value because of the scarcity or rarity of them, or even coins that contain errors on them.

While I am not a professional, I do have a small coin collection of my own, and I plan to share with you why collecting US coins is a fun hobby, and how to spot some of these rare coins. I will share with you some of the rarest US coins by the amount of them that was minted, as well as some of the more valuable error coins that are popular amongst US coin collectors.

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